ATS Payment Systems

Entering new markets, transacting in new currencies, and interacting with new payment systems can be daunting. ATS has years of experience helping clients collect sales revenue and pay out commissions across a wide range of international currencies.

With ATS Payment Systems, you can take orders in local currencies, avoid exchange fees, and pay commissions out of a single account. Our payment solution accepts direct debits, real-time bank transfers, and cash transfers as well as standard credit cards and other emerging and locally-preferred alternative payment options.

Working with a trusted team experienced in managing the sometimes complex and always changing world of international payments can increase your revenue significantly and reduce friction throughout the payment process. Equally important, our clients have also found that ATS Payment Systems significantly reduces costs.

ATS Payment Systems drive down payment-related costs by managing payment methods for many of the countries/regions that have previously presented difficulties in this area, via a single interface that is directly integrated with payment service providers. This reduces payment process costs by enabling our clients to easily and quickly use a range of preferred banks, acquirers, and providers of alternative payment options.

On the back-end, the system reduces costs via streamlined reporting, reconciliation, remittance, and dispute handling. Our clients also find our integrated fraud protection tools create a much-needed comfort zone that provides them the ease of mind necessary to focus on what they do best—growing their businesses and strengthening relationships with their international distributors.